Welcome To The Sea of Serenity

When a few rational thinkers get-together with a maverick and, together, create something with passion - one gets what we have here at BehindTheMoon Consultants. We are a team that’s endlessly challenging prevailing wisdom and norms of managing Brands, People and Culture. And we simply love the description that one of our Client’s has about us: Post-modernism purists! (God bless her).

Our description of self is perhaps the only complex thing about us. Everything else that we do is laced with simplicity. Simple does it, and that for us is creative thinking. Welcome to the sea of serenity (Mare Serenitatis).

You are likely to encounter Giraj, the Founder Director. Giraj used to head Marketing & Sales function before venturing out and establishing BehindTheMoon Consultants. Passionate about Brands, people, positivity and spirituality (it is roumuored he finds it in cricket) - Giraj has also been leading this pack of freaks for 17 years. He has been on the lecture circuit for over 15 of those years, inspiring professionals and leaders across categories.

You will most likely to find Sanjeev, Director A&L, in the Yellow Room of the office with his officious demeanour intact even in the most taxing situations.  Sanjeev has worked with leading consumer goods and telecom companies at senior positions. He brings in a rich experience of twenty-eight years and is a reservoir of knowledge across domains. A published author (he writes thrillers), Sanjeev brings in logic, sanity and method to it all.

You land up unannounced at the office and you are likely to bump in to Priyanka, our Associate - Solutions. She is our extremely hard-working and is a deliverable-focused insight harvesting resource.

On a bright day you may even find our People Practice Commander Suman (if she gets off her bed in time – that is) and the People Practice Associate Soumya busy with their phones (these two WhatsApp to each other even while they are face to face!). She makes sure that the teams stayed cued in to the objectives.

You are unlikely to meet the rest of the team though folks will be hanging in there as these are the people who are tilling the data mines or chasing deadlines (they, of course, will not appear to be in any hurry).