We were engaged by Mother Dairy for creating awareness of their pro-biotic milk - Nutrifit at the time of the launch. The brief was to engage and create awareness among the end-users which were primarily school students in the NCR of Delhi. We took this single line brief and went on to create a platform with the ambition to own the domain of the need to having a balanced diet resulting in a strong immune system among school going kids.

We created a platform embedded with the strong underlying objective of educating the parents on the need to build up a strong immune system for children while projecting elements of excitement in consumption of milk for the young citizens. And we did these simultaneously.

'Nutrifit Fiesta’ was a platform created by us that provided the parents a forum wherein they could interact with specially trained Dietitians for all their queries related to their child's health. The Dietitians provided personalized and customized Diet Charts to every parent for their children on request. Nutrifit was offered as an alternative to some of the standard recommendations as a tastier and smarter option but the focus remained the need to facilitate development of a strong immune system among school-going kids. The kids were engaged in activities that were not only engaging but extremely exciting and strong immunity system was linked to consistent proficiency in all arenas particularly sports.

This engagement was one reason why Mother Dairy won the International Diary Federation Award for its campaign.