Customer Centricity

We debated a lot within as to whether we can put this unique practise of ours under Culture or do we need to put this under Advisory. Having debated this for long while having done some crazily innovative work ranging from bringing about a shift in attitude for people and modifying processes to focus entirely on the Customer – we took a call to put this Practice of ours under a separate head. It surely deserves a separate head and we are so proud of having done so. Having moved from bringing about changes in approaches of companies from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Intimacy encompassing stuff such as Managing Moment-of-Truth (MoT) to creating Customer Interface Platforms in the real and virtual world – we have travelled a long way. We know that often it all boils down to that one moment where the prospect and the brand have that all crucial interface. Yes, we cover that too and under this practice we identify the key Moment-of-Truth Points and then go about building our Client’s capability to manage the MoT better.

We now also have a two-day programme on Customer Centricity to help senior managers and leaders to comprehend the essentials and move towards practising Customer Centricity.