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Say "Hi" to us: Address: A-26, 2nd Floor, Sector 17, NOIDA 201301; Phone: +91 120 4348940

Grace us with a visit !

We are on the second floor and that makes it just 24 steps to BehindTheMoon (Americans use rockets!). Come to our Office for a Chai or even something stronger! You are always welcome.

Landing by Car

If you come by a car and your driver is on leave - you don't have to worry about parking! There is ample space below our office and at the local Thana (Mare Cricium) where they will tow away your car for safe-keep. You are better off parking it in the underground parking lot of Sector 18 and walking across.


The nearest Metro Station is Sector 18 on the Blue-Line. Get down at the station and ask for Sector 17A (Google Maps are for places on planet Earth). You could hail a Rickshaw or even that wonderful innovation of modern India - the E-rickshaw..

Say " Hi " to us !

Address: A-26, 2nd Floor, Sector 17, NOIDA 201301 Phone: +91 120 4348940