Brand Acquisition

The competitive arena presents many opportunities for companies to maximize their returns by having multiple brands in their portfolio. A fast and surer mechanism is to acquire brands or take them up under a license-licensee arrangement. This allows the buyer to leverage current strengths without having to go through the entire process of parenting a brand right from its early development through to adolescence to adulthood.

Brand Acquisition also works when companies decide to take the battle with the nearest competitor to the next level and use techniques such as flanking or to simply nibbling off competitor’s share by opening up multiple fronts. The catch, however, is in identification and evaluation in terms of brand-fit, cultural-fit and portfolio-fit among others. BehindTheMoon facilitates such analysis and spearheads the entire Brand acquisition process from scouting to identification up to adoption – getting the nectar for you (Mare Nectaris). We work strictly on mandates. .