Brand Practise

We got on to the orbit as BehindTheMoon, at the turn of the millennium, with just our Brand Practice. In the past seventeen years we have helped quite a few brands transcend to a higher level of connect with their target audience. Basing our inputs on deep-dives seeking insights (rather than on quantitative research), we get to the core of the brand to identify its core values and then work to link those to the brand's interface and experiences. In the process, we shrink the gap between the brand identity and brand image. The entire orchestration is like an art form but the focus is never lost on the imprint the Brand is envisaged to leave in the minds and hearts of its discerning audience.

Simply put we create a brand identity matrix that factors sources of brand identity soaked in the brand vision and values. We get to plausible Brand Selling Prepositions (BSPs). These BSPs are then filtered through our I-Square Funnel to get to those selective BSPs that can get the Brand to be as closer to its Identity as possible and yet be relevant not just in the current context but also must possess the potential to drive long-term relationships with prospects.

These BSPs then go on to form the bedrock of all brand-related initiatives including marketing communication.

At core of our Brand Study is our propriety tool: I Square. Brands have to wade through internal influences, category maturation and environmental evolution. We filter most of these through the I-Square Funnel to get to that sweet-spot slot in the beholders' hearts.

Channel & Distribution Advisory

We have been working on improving efficacies and efficiencies of Trade Channels and Distribution systems across categories. We have a propriety tool, CARE, to evaluate the strength of a Distribution System basis factors such as Relationships, RoI to Trade, Engagement (Financial as well as Emotional), Endurance among others. CARE moves much beyond Weighted Distribution (WD) Data to allow us to objectively measure the strength of any Channel Network. CARE is done state-wise and typically for a state of the size of Punjab - we could wrap up the entire Study in 4 weeks covering every district. The key to our success in here is that we do not outsource any part of CARE Study. Companies have found this tool extremely helpful to strategise the next Channel & Distribution strategy or events.